On arrival

Most of you are traveling to Warsaw by plane to Warsaw Chopin Airport or Warsaw Central Train Station. Whichever way of travel you chose there will be an IYPT guide waiting for you. He or she will be having a sky blue shirt and holding an IYPT sign. There are two exits from the airport (Terminal 1 and 2) both in the same building and located within walking distance from each other. If you cannot find your guide it is possible he or she is waiting at the other exit. As for the Train station, it has multiple platforms where trains arrive, we will monitor trains arrivals and meet you at the platform.

The registration and all information will be provided by our team on the ground floor of the CZIiTT building (Rektorska 4, 00-614 Warszawa, Poland).

If for any reason you will chose to travel to the venue by yourself here are few tips that can be helpful.

Travel from the Warsaw Chopin Airport

The airport is located in the city of Warsaw and best way to travel from it or to it is public transportation. The bus line number 188 will take you directly to the venue location. The bus stops are located on the ground floor (Arrivals) and always travel towards city center. You would need to travel 14 stops and leave the bus at the GUS station. This stop is located below the ground level. At this point you are almost there, you just need to walk up to the surface level and follow the street Aleja Armii Ludowej (as on the map bellow)


Travel from the Warsaw Central Train Station

Central Train Station is located in the very center of Warsaw. It is connected to the public transportation by underground tunnels. The best way to get to the venue is to use tram number 17 or 33 and travel 3 stops, leaving the tram at GUS station. From there you will need to cross the street using underground passage and then using over ground passage (see the map below).


Public transport tickets

On arrival a guide will provide you with public transport tickets. It is important that you validate the ticket after entering bus or tram, and keep it with yourself at all times. The tickets may be valid for more than one day, therefore please keep it and make sure it stays in good condition.