Excursion 1

Royal Route

Our first trip will be focused on some parts of the Royal Route that for a long time was the main artery of the city. We will start at the Old Town which is one of the most prominent attractions in Warsaw. It includes the Royal Castle which was the seat of Polish rulers from the 16th century and the Caste Square at which towers column commemorating King Sigismund III Vasa – one of Warsaw landmarks. It is also a place where the second constitution in the world was passed. The Old Town was completely destroyed during World War II and then reconstructed in the following years with a great degree of precision. For that matter, it was included at the UNESCO World Heritage list.

At the excursion we will take you for a guided tour around the streets of the old town and undergrounds reviling more about the history of the city of Warsaw. Then we will take a stroll along Krakowskie Przedmieście Street that is easily the most picturesque street in the city. Meanwhile, we will see multiple historic churches, the Presidential Palace and much more.

Excursion 2

Copernicus Science Centre

The Copernicus Science Center is a place where you can discover the true beauty of experimentation all over again and get in touch with your inner child. Center contains over 450 interactive exhibits that enable visitors to single-handedly discover science. Its permanent exhibition concern various fields of knowledge as roots of civilization, five senses or natural environment.

At the Copernicus Science Center, you will be able to perform multiple live experiments including cylinders rolling on rotating disk, play with Ferrofluids or investigate mechanics of chaotic pendulum. The visit will include shows at Planetarium – The Heavens of Copernicus.

after Excursion 2

Dinner & Disco

After all of the selective fight are over it is finally time to relax. The party disco party will be held in one of the most famous student clubs in Warsaw – MEDIC

Excursion 3

Last day you can choose for yourself what would you like to visit. Below we present you with the selection of five thematic trips that will take up to 5h each. In order to book one notify your local guide. At that day there will be no dinner however, you will get packed lunch.

A journey through communist Warsaw

– Palace of Culture and Science (entry to the 30th floor terrace)
– Fotoplastikon
– Walk on Marszałkowska & Plac Konstytucji
– Museum of the People’s Republic of Poland
– Journey in historic trams

Following the footsteps of Fryderyk Chopin

– Łazienki park
– The Chopin Museum and the golden duck
– Piłsudski Square and the Saxon garden

World War II

– Museum of the Warsaw Uprisin
– Mound of the Warsaw Uprising
– Pawiak or the Katyn Museum

History of Jews in Warsaw

– POLIN a guide tour
– Umshlagplatz
– Jewish cemetery
– Nozyk Synagogue


Guided visit to the Wilanów Palace and its gardens

Free time

The afternoon after the third excursion is scheduled as free time, here we give you some recomendations

– Walk along the Vistulan Boulevards
– Visit to the Warsaw Univerity of Technology Labolatories
– Muzeum of Polish Vodka
– Trampoline park (Stacja Grawitacja or Hangar 646)
– Neons Muzeum