Before you arrive

There are few thinks to keep in mind when getting ready for your travel. Here we provide you with a checklist that will help you make sure you have everything you need to give best performance at the IYPT 2019.


As IYPT has already informed you, this is just a gentle reminder that all participants are required to obtain EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or equivalent health insurance policy. Unfortunately LOC will be forced to refuse to host any participant who does not have such insurance.

Power plugs

In Poland as in most of the Europe we use power plugs of type E which is also compatible with type C and F. Socket output voltage is 230V. During the tournament we will provide each team with extension cord ending with type E sockets. You may need to bring a travel adapter compatible with the type of plug you use.

Data connection

All of the data projectors will be equipped with HDMI connection, we do not guarantee that all of the projectors will have analog outputs. If you are using an computer without HDMI output please make sure to equip yourself with a proper adapter.


During the IYPT 2019 you should expect temperature in range from 10o C at night up to 35o C during the day. Current long term weather reports suggest that most of the days will be sunny, however rain should be expected.


It is not allowed in Poland for minors under 18 years old to drink alcohol (including beer). We strongly advice to obey this restriction as authorities are very stick about it.