Warsaw University of Technology

General information

Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) is one of the oldest technical universities in Poland with its history dating back to the 19th century. Its 19 faculties cover all main branches of science and technology such as: civil engineering, mechatronics, materials science, and physics. University’s main aim is to provide world class education and create technology of the future. There are currently 36 000 students at WUT, mostly full time, which adds up to 5 000 alumni each year.


Warsaw University of Technology is a great choice to host International Young Physicist Tournament 2019. All main university buildings are located in the city center within walking distance from each other with University’s accommodation being part of the central campus as well. Its excellent location and facilities make it a key hub for technology oriented conferences, hackathons and science popularization events.


Such environment is not only ideally suited for events as IYPT, but primarily enables students to achieve their full potential and to take an initiative. At the moment there are over 100 student research groups and organizations registered on the campus. Since 2013 team of WUT students have won several medals at the Aero Design competition in California, winning in 2016 all three categories: Micto, Regular, and Advanced. In another initiative, Space is More , WUT students designed a claw that will allow the astronauts to grab and move objects of various shape and size. Their invention will be tested this year as a part of the Rexus/Bexus European space program.


University is actively engaged in the Warsaw cultural scene with its academic choir, orchestra and theater. WUT organizes and is part of numerous events promoting science to the general public, high school students and younger people with passion for knowledge. Each year Faculty of Physics of WUT is hosting the Polish Physics Olympiad, The Physics Competition, organizes summer school Physics under Sails, takes part in Warsaw Science Festival, and annual Science Fair.